Pastor Sanders Sunday Minute

Gods Image

Sermon Notes

Genesis 3: 

Read your Bible 

Call to Salvation

Luke Ch 19. Vs 1-10

Mark Ch 1. Vs 16-20

Blessed Assurance

Psalm 91. Vs 1-8. 11-16

Praise Gods Mighty Works

Psalms 66. Vs 1-9. 16-20

Gods Steadfast Love

Psalms 48 vs 1-3  9-14

Surrender all to Christ 

Phillippians Ch 3 Vs 1-16

Phillippians Ch 2 vs 1-11

Devote all to Christ 

Submit to God in Christ 

Phillippians 1 v 12-21

Gives grace to the humble

James  Ch 4 vs 1-10

Love and devotion

Dueteronomy Ch 6 vs 1-9

Pastor Sanders Notes for Download

Prayers become song then become praise.

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WPBC Sermon 5/28/17 Closing

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