Pastor Sanders Sunday Minute

Gods Image

Sermon Notes

Genesis 3: 

Read your Bible 

Submit to God in Christ 

Phillippians 1 v 12-21

Gives grace to the humble

James  Ch 4 vs 1-10

Love and devotion

Dueteronomy Ch 6 vs 1-9

The Gate of Heaven

Genesis Ch 28 :17

Sibling Rivalry 

Genesis 27:1- 28:5

Change is comin

Genesis Ch 25 Vs 19-34

How do you pick a wife for your son?

Genesis Ch 24 vs. 12-21. 61-67

Gods Promise

Genesis Ch 18 vs 9-15.  Ch 21 vs 1-7

God is at work 

Genesis Ch 10 vs 1.  11: 27,31-32

 They came male and female

Genesis Ch 6 vs 9-22

   Genesis 3: 8-17

The Burstin

Pastor Sanders Notes for Download

Prayers become song then become praise.

After Pastors Notes

WPBC Sermon 5/28/17 Closing

The Pastors Time

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